Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home

Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home

Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home – By Nicola Wood

With energy costs on the rise, cost of living standing still we have created a blog post to give you some tips on becoming more eco-friendly in the home as landlords and tenants, so that we can all do our bit for the environment.

There are many ways in the modern world that we can do our bit to help move towards a greener lifestyle contributing to a greener cleaner planet. Larger projects such as installing solar panels are one such way. But you can start smaller than that too, the little changes can add up to one big change. See other Tenant & Landlord Tips provided by Letting Cloud.

Greener Homes Help The Environment

Water Consumption

Having a power shower or a nice long hot shower sounds bliss to some people, but according to Friends of The Earth, each minute you spend in a power shower uses up to 17 litres of water. We have all done it, run the shower a while before getting in and keep the shower running whilst we shampoo our hair and shave – but water and money are literally going down the drain. Here are a few tips to help you and your family to conserve water.

  • Friends of the Earth recommend three minutes in a shower. So why not try a timer either in the shower or on your phone to keep your shower time to a minimum and save water and energy.
  • A switch to an eco-friendly shower head can help too, reducing water usage.
  • Running the taps whilst brushing your teeth wastes around 24 litres of water for a 2 minute brush, twice a day, so make sure you turn the tap off whilst you are cleaning your teeth.
  • Many water companies offer a free, easy to fit insert for your taps to reduce water flow for efficiency.
  • Whilst thinking of water consumption, only using the washing machine for a full load of clothes will use less water and energy than running 2 smaller loads.
  • Try washing your clothes in cold water (30 degree wash) – it gets the clothes just as clean as hot but in a more efficient way. Up to 90% of the electricity used by a washing machine is used by heating the water.

Smart Meter

Consider your energy use stay up to date and check how much energy activity is going on in your household and install a Smart Meter.

Installing a Smart Meter to measure how much gas and electricity you’re using gives you control over the small changes you can make to make your home more energy efficient and do your bit to help the environment. Those little changes soon add up! You could:

  • Turn off lights in rooms you aren’t using
  • Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs – each one could save you £10 per year off your electricity bill!
  • Switch appliances off fully rather than use ‘Standby’ mode and unplug chargers not in use so electricity isn’t being drained unnecessarily
  • Hang clothes to dry rather than use the tumble dryer
  • Make energy efficient choices when buying new appliances – try to buy appliances with the best energy ratings, which for most large appliances is an A rating.

Reduce Plastic Use and Recycle

With recent reports reporting that plastic packaging in the UK accounts for nearly 70% of all of our plastic waste, we should all focus on ways in which we can reduce the use of plastics at home and at work.

  • Why not try shopping in zero waste stores, where plastic packaging is replaced by large jars of products that you can dispense into reusable packaging to transport home.
  • Shopping in your local markets and shops for fruit, vegetable, meat and baked goods allows you to take your own reusable bags and containers to transport the food home and having milk delivered in glass bottles as we did in days gone by will all help to reduce our plastic consumption.
  • We know it’s difficult to remember your re-usable bags each time you go to the shops but try keeping a couple in the car or hung near the door to grab on the way out. Remember, it takes around 1000 years for each of those plastic bags to break down in landfill – a scary thought indeed.
  • Get green fingers and grow your own! The emissions from the supply chain network along with the unnecessary plastic used in food production can be reduced by growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. You don’t need acres of space either. These can be grown in pots and tubs as well as in the garden or why not approach your local council to hire an allotment?
  • Create your own compost where possible too. Great for the garden and less waste going to landfill.
  • Ditch the disposables – use washable cleaning cloths and use compostable bin liners where possible. Washable nappies and sanitary products are widely available to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill and even reusable, washable cosmetic pads are now widely available.
  • Consider swapping hard plastic products for bamboo substitutes, items like cotton buds and toothbrushes and even children’s plates and cutlery are all now readily available in more sustainable bamboo versions.

Heating The Home

Top Tips on heating the home and ways to save you money from The Edinburgh Boiler Company

About The Edinburgh Boiler Company – Since our incorporation we established ourselves as the go-to company for all things boilers in Edinburgh, known for our unrivalled service and professionalism in fitting new boilers. 

We are now the leading accredited installer of Worcester Bosch boilers and Ideal boiler in Edinburgh and the whole of Scotland, installing over 2000 boilers per year, that’s no easy achievement.

We most recently became known as Scotland’s highest rated “Boiler Company” on Trustpilot with over 1300 verified reviews and counting. Not only that, but we won the “Top Service Provider Award for 2020” by Proven Expert for our high levels of customer service.

The Edinburgh Boiler Company

As tens of thousands of Scots struggle to balance ‘eating or heating’, The Edinburgh Boiler Company has launched the Fuel Poverty Prevention Scheme aimed at helping households with their energy bills.

Managing Director Mark Glasgow has invested £30,000 into the project, which launched in March. The scheme will see a dedicated team of fully-qualified engineers visit homes throughout the Lothians to carry out free health checks on central heating systems to ensure appliances are working as efficiently as possible.

These will centre around an 8-point checklist, including: boiler and heating controls, radiator systems and valves, thermostats, settings and timers.

Managing director Mark Glasgow said “There’s no doubt this is a worrying time for a lot of people and I wanted to do something to help. We were fortunate enough to enjoy another successful year of growth and I felt very strongly about giving something back to the people.

“These will be free to anyone, not just our customer base, who wants any advice and help ensuring they are heating their houses as efficiently as possible.

“I want to keep houses warmer for less money. The rise in fuel prices has a lot of people worried and I am determined to do my bit to help tackle fuel poverty.

“Small changes can make big differences when it comes to heating homes.

Anyone interested in registering for the Edinburgh Boiler Company’s Fuel Poverty Prevention Scheme, should email [email protected].

If the scheme is successful, there are plans to roll it out elsewhere in the country, starting with Glasgow, funding permitting.

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