The Rental Market is Steady and Rents on the dip in some areas of the UK.

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The Rental Market is Steady

Market Rental Figures

Rents have dropped in the past four months to September, the average rent for a two bedroom property decreased from £777 to £767, a one percent fall.

The average in Scotland to rent a two bedroom property per month:

  • Edinburgh averaging £1,100 – one per cent dip
  • Glasgow averaging £800 – steady
  • Aberdeen averaging £700 – steady
  • Dundee averaging £600 – steady

The average in England & Wales to rent a two bedroom property per month:

  • East Midlands averaging £890 – five per cent dip
  • North East averaging £810 – four per cent dip
  • South East averaging £790 – three per cent dip 
  • North West averaging £920 – two per cent increase
  • South West averaging £945 – three per cent increase
  • London averaging £1,693 – steady
  • Wales averaging £654 – one percent increase

Void Periods

Scotland – Average 11 days

Greater London, the North East, West Midlands and South West – Average time 12 days.

The East Midlands, North West and the South East – Average 15 days. 

West Midlands  – Average 25 days during September.

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