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Letting Cloud aims to make Letting a safer, transparent and faster process, addressing the problems that all parties face in the current industry set-up. Below is some tips to help you in the process of applying to let a property.

We are not a letting agency or associated to any letting agency, we advertise property on behalf of agents and landlords. These tenant tips are just from feedback we carried out with tenants to help you improve your chances being successful in the process.

You can get more information with our guide to letting as a tenant.

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Top Tips for Tenants


Do the maths, Can you afford the asking rent, utility bills, cost of living and still have some money left to live?​


Take references from your employer, past and present. If you have an online CV from your previous rental properties, make sure it is up to date before submitting it. If not online, then copies of any references from previous letting agent or landlords.


The following items are best suited (driving license, passport), if you do not have any of these please take your birth certificate.


If you need a guarantor, make sure you have their permission and also the required details for them.

Proof of Income

A agent or landlord may want to see the following: payslip, bank statement, employment contract, job offer letter, to prove you can afford the rent.


Communication is key when looking to rent a property. Make sure your email and phone numbers are up to date and correct. Make sure that you inform the agent or landlord of any potential issues which might complicate the renting process. Make sure you communicate your position in the market i/e: student with parents as your guarantor, on low income or DSS supported.

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