Property Searching Top 5 Tips

Property Searching Top 5 Tips

Property Searching Top 5 Tips

Searching for a property is at your fingertips now-a-days, making any property search more efficient wherever you are looking for a property to rent. Letting Cloud provides a web based and mobile responsive website with the latest features to help save time when searching for that perfect property to rent.

1. Use Google Maps/Street View

Check out the neighbourhood with Google maps and street view allow you to have a look around from the comfort of where ever you are at a time suitable for you! If a property price appears to be too good to be true, take a look at the close vicinity as it might reveal why. Things to look out for:

Things to look out for when researching the area:

  • Towering phone masts
  • Electrical Pillions next to the property
  • Busy junction a front of the house
  • Is it next to a busy pub
  • People park across the drive as they pull up for school pickup
  • The neighbour’s trees are overgrown and hanging over your property
  • By doing your own research from the comfort of your own home It saves a your time, the agent or landlords time viewing the property, where you can just immediately dismiss the property for the above reasons and then search other properties or areas.

    2. Check out the floorplan

    To make sure you the property works for you we would recommend you look at the floorplan before you look at the property photos. You won’t be swayed by stylish furniture or gorgeous home accessories because you will focus purely on the practical i.e. are the rooms big enough for our requirements and is there a good flow to the rooms? Overall square metres should be shown on a good floorplan and will help you judge how the size of a property compares to your current home. Be sure to check whether the space of an internal garage or external store has been included for an accurate comparison.

    Sadly not all agents offer a floorplan for rental properties and almost more frustrating, some have a floorplan with no dimensions on it! Don’t be afraid to call the agent and ask for indicative room sizes and an idea of layout as a tiny bedroom or a ground floor bedroom next to the kitchen might mean that a property advertised as a 3 bed for example is just a 2 bed to you.

    3. Compare previous rental prices

    There are usually sufficient data out there to provide a very clear view on whether the property you are looking at is reasonably priced. Be sure to use the facility to select sold prices for similar properties only e.g. select semi-detached or detached, terraced or bungalow, house, studio or flat.

    4. Watch or request a virtual tour

    A good virtual tour will give you a proper feel of the property – layout, light, storage etc. A big plus is that it can’t be manipulated unlike photos so if the photos appear to be a little ‘stretched’, you’ll have a much clearer idea of space and dimensions when you see the video. Watch the video more than once because you will spot something different in a second or third viewing and really have an idea of whether this might be the one for you before you view for real. Most agents will have virtual tour videos for rental properties. Most agents have now started to do the same since Covid-19 lockdown. If an agent doesn’t have a virtual tour you can request one and they should arrange a video call with you whilst in the property.

    5. Study the photos

    Study the property photos with a detective eye. If it currently furnished with the current tenants, try to see past the current occupant’s furnishings because they will take them away when they move. Look for areas that have been excluded from a photo and try to figure out if the agent may have done that deliberately e.g. if the garden can only be seen from one angle, is that because it is overlooked by a large block of flats on the other side? Google maps will help you with that as we said in Tip Two. When agents feature an internal room as the main picture it should automatically make you suspect that the house might not be particularly attractive although it could just be hard to photograph (because of the municipal car park in front perhaps!). Although we are all easily tempted by a beautifully presented property, or turned off by a tired interior it’s the overall number of rooms and their sizes that counts which is where the floorplan comes into it’s own alongside the photos.

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