Property Market July 2020

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Property Market July 2020

As we start to see a “new normal” upon us. It is great to see the property market back up and running effectively. With lock down effecting the market for a few months due to tenants not being able to move from properties, we can see a few knock on effects for tenants and agents. Feedback from our agents is they expect the next couple of months to be a busier than normal as new and current renters start to look for available properties.

As a portal we have seen a drop in advertising properties to the market. This was expected due to the current situation. We have also seen a drop rate in new properties coming to the market. This is due to current renters finding it hard to get mortgages approved during these times, so in turn staying in their current property until times change.

If you do seek to move from your current property or wish to join the letting property market, you will be expected to following strict guidelines by agents and landlords when physically viewing a property. We have created a guideline for you to follow ( ) but each agency will have their own criteria they may ask you to follow.

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