Letting Cloud Company Update COVID-19

Letting Cloud Company Update COVID-19

Letting Cloud Company Update COVID-19

20 March 2020

It is challenging times for everyone employed, self-employed and letting agents who are predominantly small businesses, sometimes family businesses and a lot of the time are a small three or four person team.

Property advertising is a vital part of letting a property for landlords and agents and the number one place potential tenants will go to on searching for a future property to rent. Letting Cloud wants to help mitigate the finical impact on agents that the coronavirus will have on business in the coming months.

We will continue to offer Landlords our free property advertising space for the next six months on our website. This will allow a landlord to advertise their property until let for FREE!

Letting Agents are at the heart of everything we do. We know you are the link between landlords and tenants and this is a difficult time for you and the foreseeable future. Letting Cloud is offering any agents wishing to join Letting Cloud, a six month, unlimited portal advertising period for FREE! This means you can upload as many properties as you wish, until let, for six months FREE! Even if the government lifts the controlled limitations around coronavirus before the six months is over. There are no obligations to stay on after the six month period, but all the better if you do.

We value all our agents and today we have reached out to our contract agents and have postponed any payments from them for the next six months.

Letting Cloud is a community for all and we can’t stress enough how important it is to support each other through this difficult period. Our approach will deliver a marketing platform for agents current and new to receive support from our team, unlock new advertising and help save outgoing money to invest back into the workforce for when we get out the other end of these unprecedented times.

We at Letting Cloud look forward to working with you, old or new, and we are glad we can play a key role in helping landlords and agents feel some love during these challenging times.

Stay Safe, Regards

Grant MacCusker


If you are an agent and wish to advertise with us, please contact me direct: [email protected]

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