Letting Cloud provide a wide range of landlord services which will help match the right tenants to the right property. We also help to match landlords with the right agents. Find out more on our Landlord Information page or complete the form below to start receiving contact from potential agents today.

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If you are going to manage your own property and you just wish to market the property to potential tenants.

Please use this section below:

  1. Create an account with Letting Cloud
  2. Create a listing to advertise your property
  3. Fill in the property details
  4. Check everything is correct
  5. Make payment (Featured)
  6. Submit listing
  7. Once payment is processed and property is verified, it will go live within two hours
  8. If there is an issue, we will contact you to arrange a solution

Find an agent

Landlords wishing to find a local letting agent and require more information, please fill in the details below where your details will only be used to connect you with a suitable agent based on the information provided. Alternatively you can Find An Agent yourself.

Helping to match landlords with agents

  • Submit your details via the form below
  • We will send your details to the best matched agents in your property’s area
  • The agents will contact you via your preferred method of contact​


We are delighted to partner with Verified Trader to provide a safe and reliable platform for our members to get access to Verified Local Trades for Local People.

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