Landlords and Agents The Risk Of Virtual Viewings and Face To Face Viewings

Landlords and Agents The Risk Of Virtual Viewings

Landlords and Agents The Risk Of Virtual Viewings

Landlords and Letting Agents have all agreed that face to face viewings are still a high risk of spreading the infection unwarily. Some landlords and agents have gone as far as they will not conduct viewings during the Covid lockdown at rental properties.

As a UK property portal we here mixed news from landlords and agents nationwide. The messages are mixed from devolved Government’s and this can be confusing for the property market they tell us. As we write this blog England is back in lockdown meaning the property and rental market is effected again. One agent tells us ‘There are mixed messages from the government, on the one hand, has said property viewings can proceed during the lockdown – provided these are undertaken in line with public health advice and the relevant Covid-19 legislation – but on the other hand says ‘tenants’ safety should be the priority of landlords and letting agents’ and that viewings ideally should be virtual’. He goes on to say ‘we agree with this as safety of staff, tenants and landlords is key, but, how can we stop potential tenants travelling to view a property and we advise potential tenants to view the property and area before agreeing to rent. Virtual viewings are working and as an agency we can see a future for them, but it is very hard to conclude tenancies just on a virtual viewing’.

Virtual viewings have become the new normal and as a portal we have seen a large surge in video uploads on our platform. If you said to an agent around two years ago, have you done a virtual viewing, we recon the answers would have been mixed ones. Now it is defiantly the new normal and we can see it already having a large part to play in property advertising post COVID.

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