Government Guidelines On Property Moves – COVID-19

Government Guidelines On Property Moves

Today seen the government issue some clear guidelines on all property moves – buy, sell, let and even removal firms, it’s all covered within the link below.For those who don’t fancy the lengthy read, I have added some of the basic measures which have been implemented:

  • all pending mortgage applications will be extended for 3 months and reviewed frequently.
  • all property sales are to be postponed
  • all renters due to move in are to postpone their move.
  • all viewings are to halt
  • no new properties have to go to market

Exceptions:property moves where it is an emergency and essential that the move take place

  • where the move not going forward is going to cause financial hardship – lenders will work with you on this.
  • This in a nut shell means, the market is basically closed until the stay at home guidelines are lifted.

This is probably the best and most sensible measure to take. I understand this will be a massive blow for a lot of people, not to mention us, but we will work with everyone to help them re-schedule all house moves in the coming weeks.John O’Malley – O’Malley Property

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