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With 35 offices in Central London and over 70 across London, Dexters is London’s leading independent Estate Agency.

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    Truly highly recommended

    Moritz was very helpful, friendly and accommodating.
    He was able to arrange viewing at a short notice and communicated very well and professional at all times.

    He listened to what i am looking for to a property and happy to discuss it with the landlor.

    Truly highly recommended. Thank you Moritz.

    Sandrah Garcia Loo

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    very helpful

    Dexters have made the process of selling our flat in a difficult market really seamless from start to finish and in astonishingly quick time. The whole team (I engaged with Samara and Neela the most probably) were very helpful, informed and professional throughout. I’ve no hesitation in recommending them. I’m confident we will complete with them in the next month or so in what feels like record time!

    Zak Yahiya

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    Well done

    I had had my property listed with another agency for over 2 months when I approached Dexters. The whole team came over to see my property for themselves and quickly proceeded to marketing it, bringing more viewers in than the other 3 agencies taken together. What I really liked about their way of working was that they allowed me to talk to the buyers directly and explain all the particulars about the flat, the development, the facilities and so on (which was not the case with one of the other agencies whose agents openly brushed me off, showed the property to the clients themselves, not knowing 80% of information I was prepared to give, and looked quite annoyed when I tried to speak directly to the client), while Dexters agents listened to me themselves, took note of what I was saying and made sure they gave as much information as possible to the next potential buyer. Finally an offer was made: initially it was below my expectations, but Dexters agents managed to persuade the buyer I was not prepared to accept less than a certain sum and the offer was increased. Moreover, when another agency brought in a slightly higher offer, Dexters managed to push their client to increase the offer again in the space of 30 minutes. Overall, I applaud both the teamwork and the effort of individual agents. Everyone was continuously aware of the current state of affairs with my property (and if not, they quickly reverted to other members of the team to find out); I was regularly updated on what was going on; all viewings were double-checked with me in terms of my availability and quickly rescheduled in case I was not available; everyone was polite and professional. The agent who brought the buyer (Samara) was also regularly checking on the sale process and making sure both sides’ solicitors were moving fast, as time was essential for both myself and the buyer. When the buyers wanted to view the property again to take measurements during the sale process, she also happily organised the extra viewing and came along with the buyers. Well done Samara and the whole team!

    Elena Domaratskaya

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