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1760 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B26 1PB

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Belvoir Yardley offers a warm, welcome and friendly atmosphere.

We specialise in Sales, Lettings and property management with dedicated teams for each sector with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

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    absolutely disgraceful!

    I’m sure this agent is fine if you’re a landlord, ie. their customer, however as a tenant they have very little care for you. Having said that the terrible staff they employed at the beginning of my tenancy gradually disappeared and were replaced with better staff…or so I thought until my tenancy ended. To start with the property had not been left in an acceptable condition, the contract had not been adhered to by the previous tenants and this hadn’t been addressed by the agent to rectify. The house was filthy, instead of being able to concentrate on moving in I had to spend 2 days bleaching and cleaning. The carpets hadn’t been vacuumed for months at least, never mind being professionally cleaned as per the contract, neither had the windows. The garden was so overgrown and full of junk, which I had to get rid of at the cost of my own time and expense in order to make it safe for my child and pets. The loft, which we required use of for storage was full of drug growing paraphernalia left by a previous tenant after doing a midnight flit and not cleared out by the landlord or agent. No one came to do an initial inspection or inventory check with me, I was just told hundreds of photos had been taken. I had to wonder whether anyone had bothered to check the property at all after the previous tenants had left as surely the state of it was nowhere near acceptable. Tiles and skirting board were missing and lights weren’t working, all of which should’ve been replaced before we moved in but weren’t, it took ages for someone to come out to carry out any kind of repair and when they did, the handiwork was shocking. Again having said that the initial “cowboy” they employed to carry out such work was eventually replaced with a decent chap who did a decent job, however this came towards the end of my tenancy so I had very little dealing with him. Upon leaving and requesting the return of my deposit I realised I had been given false information at the beginning of the tenancy which led to a battle for the return of my deposit which I eventually had to negotiate with the landlady directly as the agent at Belvoir refused to answer my calls or reply to any emails. Having then spoken to the landlady I realised why this was, Belvoir hadn’t been honest with her with regards to the misunderstanding letting her believe that it was in fact me at fault instead of owning up and obviously didnt want to have to answer any of my questions. Fortunately she was a very reasonable lady which enabled us to resolve the issue and a full refund of my deposit was eventually made. I believe she has now withdrawn her property from the management of Belvoir due to the unproffesionalism and dishonesty and listed it with another agent. I’m so glad my experience with Belvoir is over…their poor handling of the situation caused so much unnecessary stress, absolutely disgraceful!

    Rachel Pearson

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    Carried out work first in January, then mid February. Took them over 6 weeks to pay up after sending many, many emails. Best to avoid letting agencies that do that- if they don’t pay in advance then don’t do any of their work!

    Naeem Yousef

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