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1760 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B26 1PB

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    Terrible service!

    Terrible service!
    We moved into our flat at the end of August 2019, at first look the flat was perfect no issues what so ever besides the odd little cosmetic things which Belvoir had informed us they would sort out.
    On our first day we went around the flat to check everything was in working order as we have always done in previous flats, we had noticed our hot water and heating was not working and there was a trickle on the toilet and a few other little cosmetic issues. So we composed an email to our agent who looks after our property (Shakil Rehman from the Solihull office) who informed us that someone would come and have a look ASAP. Long story short we went 2 weeks with no hot water or heating as no one was sent out and we had to keep chasing Shakil up via email and phone calls which was a burden for me and my partner with our busy life’s. The hot water and heating was then fixed but the toilet was not fixed. Now almost 3 months in the issues have gotten worse! The toilet is still trickling very loudly and the pipes have a pressure issues so we have constant loud squeaking noises 24/7. We have also informed Shakil of a new issue with our heating which is that when we put the heating on, we have again, constant loud pressure noises that are driving us insane this is a horrible living condition as me and my partner work long hours and just want to come home to relax but we can’t with all this noise. We can’t even put the heating on as the noise is so loud. It’s winter time now and it’s getting very cold. No one is being sent out to fix our problems we feel like we are constantly talking to a brick wall! We have been with other agencies before and have never experienced terrible service like this, usually issues are fixed within the week especially issues with hot water and heating! We pay full rent on time every month and I’m stating to wonder what I’m a paying for.
    I am writing this review in hope that someone higher up in Belvoir Solihull sees this and also so other potential tenets see what real life tenancy is like with Belvoir.

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