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69 The Arches Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WQ

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Based in the heart of Manchester, Belvoir Sales & Lettings are the ideal agents in Manchester who you want to represent your property in Manchester City Centre and the surrounding areas.

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    I would stay well clear

    Ive been trying to sort out an ongoing dispute with Belvoir Manchester City Centre branch. A flat Belvoir are managing had a leaking toilet that resulted in ££££’s damage caused to my flat. Despite my numerous emails and phone calls Kash Asif from Belvoir has not responded. Everytime I speak to him he fobs me off. I would stay well clear of this agent as they are not professional in what they do. Kash if you read this I’m still waiting for you to respond otherwise I will have to take legal action.

    yasaer qasam

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    worst nightmare

    This letting agent is my worst nightmare. Caine took my holding fee also 6 months rent, then didn’t reply to any emails or answer any of my phone calls…. Then 7 days later, the manager informed me the apartment is not available anymore. Caine says the landlord doesn’t want me to move in anymore because of I’m a student, and manager says it’s because there’s a leaking problem which will takes months to be fixed.

    Full of lies and excuses. I nearly became a homeless lol, that’s how good their service is. They even suggested me to move in an Airbnb… Plzzzzz avoid them

    Lelio Leliolelio

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    Avoid at all costs

    Worst estate agents ive ever dealt with by far, in every aspect.
    We call them the Belviour B£ll£nds.
    Avoid at all costs


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    Absolutely ridiculous agency

    Absolutely ridiculous agency, shoddy as anything. Multiple things they said they would fix or change (such as carpet in the en-suite, who the hell in their right mind would put carpet in a bathroom?!) prior to us moving in and yet 8 months later has still not been resolved. They have avoided all my emails and the maintenance man they have sent on numerous occasions has been completely useless – he told us it was pointless to even raise issues with the flat because Belvoir would not do anything. Even the maintenance man knows that nothing will get done!

    Aarif Nagdee

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    WORST ESTATE AGENT EVER! Properties are listed on the website with an “Available from” date but somehow they are always taken even though I’ve been the first to enquire about several properties. ABSOLUTELY shambles and pathetic!

    Aneesa Usman

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    Absolutely disgusting service

    Absolutely disgusting service. Seriously stay away from them. I contacted them on the 27/09 and they literally replied back to my email today 20/10. Its nearly a month.not professional, constant mis communication, ive asked my landlord details so i dont have to deal with them but have been denied this. How do they expect people to deal with them directly if they are so unresponsive and provide non to little help. 1 star is too much for these guys. Oh also they have a high turn over in staff so no one has a clue what they are doing.. STAY AWAY AND READ THEIR REVIEWS ITS ALL TRUE AND LANDLORDS DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!

    Hafssa Ali

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