Belvoir Guildford

Unit 2, 75-78 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, GU1 4QH

About Belvoir Guildford

Founded in 1995, the Belvoir network has grown to almost 170 offices nationwide, all of which have a local independent owner.

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    Very professional

    Very professional fantastic service everything went very smoothly from start to the finish with getting my deposit back I’ll recommend it to everyone.

    Adam Mac

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    Proceed with caution

    Proceed with caution. They don’t address maintenance issues with rentals when you’re a tenant, they have a high turnover of staff and they will extort piece of cash they can from your deposit e.g. charging for existing damage to the property. If you rent a property through this agent, take photos of everything and don’t take anything for granted. I’ve never experienced estate agents quite like this before.

    Laura Baird

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    horrible experience

    We would like to share our horrible experience with Broker Agency Belvoir. We would never recommend it even to our worst enemy! Initially when you rent a house from them, they are kind, helpful and very polite as a customer service but your horror and nightmare will come when you vacant your property at the end of the contract term. They will do their best to take out the maximum amount of money from your deposit. We kindly recommend everyone to attend the checkout date, although the agency advice is that this isn’t necessarily and mandantory. Even if a small gaps had been found after your cleaning at check out date, Belvoir will send immediately JoBell Cleaning Company to serve your house. In turn, they will perform some minimal wiping and will give you a fake invoice for cleaning out of tenant. If they send a person from company called Handiman, the received invoice will be also highly expensive and again for a poor service provision. Everyone plays in the combo and it’s at your expense!!! If you come across a greedy landlord like me, then your chances of taking the deposit are absolutely minimal. Please be mindful for all of the above as those are unscrupulous people, they look at your eyes and lie to you, despite the evidence you provide them. My contacts were with Andriana and I really hope we would never had a future relationships with any of these companies.

    Mariana Peykova

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    happy to recommend them

    We have used Belvoir for over 3 years and are happy to recommend them. The staff are always responsive, helpful and professional and have been able to deal with the usual rental and maintenance/upkeep issues quickly and efficiently. The fees and charges appear to be competitive and very much in line with market rates, and we have no complaints on this front. They have been on hand when we needed support and also showed a personal touch – going the extra mile for us.

    Martin Nicholson

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    big thankyou

    Just want to say a big thankyou to Glenn and the team at Belvoir, Guildford. They helped us with the sale of our house. Really smooth process, very transparent, sharing input with a great knowledge for the local market. Kept upto date with any new information. They were always on hand to help us through the difficult times with the solicitors. I personally have had a great experience with them, would thoroughly recommend and would not hesitate to use there services again in the future. Thankyou

    Oli Wood

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    excellent Lettings Agency

    Belvoir have been an excellent Lettings Agency to go through. Especially, Claudine Aston, our Lettings Manager, who has been professional, responsive and a wonderful lady who has helped us to secure our property. I would 100% recommend her and am grateful for all of her hard work. Thank you.

    Victoria Coleman

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