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28-28a Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6JN
  • License: LARN 1904066

About Belvoir Edinburgh

Belvoir Edinburgh is one of Edinburgh’s leading residential letting and estate agents.

We are situated in the Edinburgh’s New Town area with a prominent presence on Dundas Street.

As one of Edinburgh’s leading estate and letting agents we offer a complete solution for vendors and buyer, landlords and tenants and we’re delighted to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the residential property market in Edinburgh.

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    Very happy with the team

    Very happy with the team at Belvoir Edinburgh and their support with a communal repair in my building. Thank you again for your professional guidance and advice. Would recommend your services without hesitation.


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    professionality and kindness

    I have been customer of Belvoir for almost three years.

    The quality of the service has improved very much during last one and a half year because of the new system they have in place for repair, technical intervention, furniture substitution, etc. This online system is easy to follow and to complete and it is a guarantee for a quick intervention. You are usually called the day after completing the form.

    We unfortunately had loads of misunderstandings with our washing machine but the problem was always solved in the following days.

    We also had our shower plate replaced without too much fuss, as well as our former-very-wobbly coffee table.

    The new system is very good, as well the customer service. The letting agents are always very keen to help, reliable and understanding.

    We have received an eviction notice by our landlord at the beginning of this year and the agency, in particular Zoe Thomson, was always very kind and helping throughout the whole process. She has always been understanding and keen on helping us to find a solution. Unfortunately we have to move to another city, but she kept helping us providing references for the new flat.

    I already said this to her personally and I repeat it again here: it is very comforting to have such professionals on your side when life strikes hard. It would have been much worst without her and the agency support.

    Professionality and kindness. Thanks 🙂

    ps: sorry for my written English

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    the service invaluable

    Having used Belvoir for a number of years on a ‘Let Only’ basis, I have found the service invaluable. Taking the headache out of finding suitable, vetted tenants swiftly and the preparation and completion of all associated checks and paperwork. I have found the team to be professional and extremely helpful at all times.

    Lorraine M

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    Great Service

    We are currently in the process of renting a property run by Belvoir Edinburgh. We have received nothing but great service from Belvoir Edinburgh so far and wanted to give specifically a shout out to Rebecca McKellar, Lisa Conquer and Zoe Thomson. The entire team has been extremely helpful so far, communicating with my family and myself from the very beginning, accelerating the letting process to allow for a seamless move. Every time we have either had a phone or email conversation, they have been very polite, respectful and tried their best to accommodate our needs. Despite the fact that we haven’t moved into the new property yet, I wanted to express my gratitude and recommend Belvoir Edinburgh’ service.

    Christina Loukopoulou

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    Definitely recommend Belvoir Edinburgh

    Definitely recommend Belvoir! They have been incredibly supportive, helpful and professional throughout my time renting through them. If I ever move back to Edinburgh, I will be sure to contact them. Thanks again for everything, Cameron.

    Hana Le Cam

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    this one is a real gem

    Among the vast array of Edinburgh letting agents, this one is a real gem. I should know, I’ve been in contact with most of them.

    Not only were they incredibly accommodating (and patient) from my very first viewing, thay also assigned me a property manager that was friendly, knowledgeable and easy to get hold of.

    Their repairs system is unrivalled; they’ve in recent times implemented the use of a platform that’s easy to navigate, in the event that you need something to be fixed in your accommodation. Although that doesn’t mean that your property manager won’t help if you reach out to them by mistake.

    I’ve just moved out, and Lisa and her colleagues made the whole process super smooth for me. That can’t have been easy during the current restrictions.

    Should I ever need rented accommodation in Edinburgh again, Belvoir will be the agent for me, as they care about their tenants. Thank you!

    Hilde Chruicshank

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    Great experience as a tenant

    Great experience as a tenant with Belvoir. Zoe was our case manager. She was very quick at fixing any issues we brought up and we had a fair agreement about return of deposit. We always got a quick response to any queries.

    Ruben Vine, Tenant

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    Extremely knowledgeable

    Extremely knowledgeable and helpful very friendly state agents and staff. I would recommend it a 100%.

    Marco Delvalle

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