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21a Camperdown Street, City Quays, Dundee, DD1 3JA
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If you are looking for flats or houses to rent in Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Newport and surrounding areas you need a reputable residential letting agent to help you find the perfect rental property.

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    no one showed up

    I personally scheduled two viewings with Belvoir, and no one showed up both times! I waited outside in the cold for an hour and a half both times, as I received no call or email about any cancellation. When I would call to see where the agent was, no one would pick up. Needless to say that the first time they apologized but the second one I was completely ghosted! The flat we wanted to rent was not leased for months after our inquiry, wonder if the landlord would want to hear about that.


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    Be the last company I would approach

    Don’t have the decency to phone to arrange an appointment just send you timeslots and if it’s not convenient then tough! Unfortunately some of us work and cannot just drop everything! Be the last company I would approach if I had property to rent! 😠 Now having had a reply confirms exactly why I wouldn’t deal with this company! What an arrogant reply! Had the choice of 4 or 4.30pm on 1st of March to view a property ! How is that giving you the chance to arrange convenient? If I was using them to rent property for me I would be raging if I found this out! Glad the times weren’t convenient as what problems would I have had later?

    Ian Butchart

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    service is disappointing

    Called to view a flat and was told I would receive a call back, got nothing. Called the next day and was given a viewing the next day.

    The man who shown me the properties was so friendly and polite. This is where the positives are.

    Immediately after viewing the property, I called and said I wanted to take it. I was told I would be emailed an application. I received nothing. Called the next day and informed them of this, I was then told sorry, it will be sent asap. Again, I received nothing. The following day I called and was told the property hadn’t been taken yet, but when I checked their website it was gone.
    I was very disappointed with this. I wish they could have just told me the property was taken instead of wasting my time waiting for nothing for about 4 days

    Again, the gentleman showing the property was very nice. The service of whoever is working behind the desk is where the service is disappointing.

    Connor McDonald

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    very helpful and responsive

    I found Belovir very helpful and responsive with any queries I had. Chris and Jorja were notable stand out contacts. Hat tip for Moira who could be good at times too. Found their support for tenants very good.

    Neil Scott

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    no one turned up

    Had a viewing for a flat, no one turned up. Called the office spoke to someone who told me they can’t find the flat on the system I was supposed to be viewing so would get the original person I was speaking with to give me a call back, never happened, emailed the original person I was speaking to 3 Times I think now and have heard nothing. I’m presuming the flat is now gone but they still haven’t had the decency to tell me.

    David Taylor

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    They are terrible!

    They are terrible! Even if you manage to book a viewing, they will simply cancel it if they find someone that they think is better than you. Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere.


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