Belvoir Belfast

515-517 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 3GU

Property Types

  • 100% House
  • 50% Home of Multiple Occupancy
  • -50% Other

Property Status

  • 100% For Rent

Property Cities

  • 100% Belfast

About Belvoir Belfast

Belvoir Belfast offers an exciting and fresh approach to residential sales and lettings in Belfast. Using our extensive knowledge of the Belfast property market built up over many years, you can be sure you will benefit not only from the best advice, but also from our energy, enthusiasm and exceptional service.

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    very helpful and prompt response

    Highly recommend Belvoir, very helpful and prompt response. The service was great as always. I recommended many people and no single complaint from anyone thanks for maintaining high standards and good service. We look forward the same continued support.

    Naga Kiran Kumar

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    avoid avoid avoid!!

    Never ever rent with these guys! They are awful the whole time i had any problems it was a nightmare to get any maintenance done plus they are taking money of my deposit as the flat was not clean, kept that flat as clean as i could they even picked up on the things which were DIRTY BEFORE I MOVED IN AND TRIED TO CLEAN IT AS MUCH AS I CAN!

    avoid avoid avoid!!

    That SASS

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    Left a bad taste in my mouth

    Had for a viewing with them today and I was late by 5 mins. I apologised well in advance for my tardiness. But the agent who was there accused me that this wasn’t the first time I’m being late for an house viewing. This was completely wrong as I’ve never booked an appointment with this agents and with the place to which he referred that I was late before. And on top of that he proceeded to ask me questions such as, “what am I working as”, “how long have I been living here”, “where is the other person from”, “why are they moving in with me”, “where am I originally from”, “how long have we both been in UK” and “why am I moving out of my current place”. I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was an interview, thought it was an house viewing!! I’ve had my share of viewings before, never have I been questioned this way by any agent in front of the house. Left a bad taste in my mouth after this viewing, not doing another viewing with this agents again.

    Anto Antony Samy

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    Looking forward to staying again

    Hi All
    I stayed in a House provided by Belvoir Lettings for almost 2 and a half years. My experience with them was great. Whenever I needed something related to the house, it was swiftly provided to me. Maintenance of the house was done in the best possible manner. Looking forward to staying with them again. Rent was very reasonable and my deposit was refunded almost entirely.

    Vikram, Tenant

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    absolutely disgusted

    I was absolutely disgusted at how I was treated after viewing a property with these people. They as good as promised me the flat there and then, they even asked my girls if they wanted to see their bedroom. They then refused to return my many calls, eventually opting to take the cowards way out and send an email rather than giving me the courtesy of a phone call. Blatant discrimination against non full time workers and benefit seekers. I will never view a property leased from these people again. I’ve never felt more humiliated & discriminated against in all my days. Avoid this company at all costs you’ll be glad you did.


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