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Arden Property Management

43 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4DR
  • License: LARN: 1809020

About Arden Property Management

Arden Property Management is a firmly established and respected letting agent in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Established in November 2006, the business has grown steadily from our firm base in Morningside where we opened in 2007, to our 2013 expansion to Northumberland Street in the New Town. The ethos remains the same, to provide high quality professional property management whilst maintaining a personal hands on service that benefits both landlords and tenants alike.

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    great service and advice

    Arden have given great service and advice. Very happy with their let only package. I will use them again. I think the rental valuation was slightly on the low side – but their attentive, careful service has still made them more than worth it.

    Stephanie Chisholm, Edinburgh

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    What can I say

    What can I say… we’ve been dealing with estate agents for over 20 years, and despite the fact that personal experiences might vary we never felt compelled to write a review… up until now.

    What we went through with Lothian and Borders Property Management (now Arden), and specifically with the agent Lorna can only be described as a nightmare. It’s a shame, as this type of behaviour is what gives estate agents such a bad (normally undeserved) reputation.

    The level of incompetence and negligence from Lorna and her associates is beyond what can be put into words. The lack of attention to details, the lack of common sense and complete disregard for decency and professionalism created a series of painful delays, miscommunications and lies that eventually did cost precious time and money to both the landlord and the tenants.

    Emails, calls and voice mails were repeatedly ignored (for over a month), checkouts were completely misleading and check-in details were ignored for comparison, important repairs were not followed through and at the same time useless and not needed improvements were pushed to the landlord. Evidence of repairs needed was delayed, not provided or only partially provided. When we finally managed to get access to a shared drive, access was permanently revoked with no notice or communication.
    Before you jump to the conclusion that this might have been related to the recent Covid delays, we can confirm that other organisations at least maintained a level of professionalism. As soon as we finally managed to get assigned to a different agent (Helen, which unfortunately has now left) things went back to what you would expect from a normal agency.

    In summary, the worst estate agency (and specifically the worst estate agent) we ever had the displeasure to deal with. If you are a landlord and need someone to look after your property, run and don’t look back. If you are a tenant about to rent from them, think twice or budget for a nightmare at the end of your tenancy. If you are an estate agency looing to hire someone, vet references thoroughly.

    Heather Shonkwiler, Tenant

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    fluid and transparent

    Our experience with Arden Property Management has been positive. Especially, the advice and guidelines of our agent, Duncan Graham. The letting process was fluid and transparent.

    Pedro Cisterna

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    great, personable, letting agency

    I wanted to leave a review for Arden because I feel they are just a great, personable, letting agency.
    They were always at the end of the phone or email if I had a question/situation in the property that I had rented. They were extremely helpful and friendly. I know that in the future I will look to Arden to rent from again.

    Jess D

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    Started of ok

    Started of ok with Lothian until it went to Arden
    Repairs taking long time plaster falling off wall in February took until June to sort contacting by phone email punted from pillar to post spent a lot of time and effort on garden got so fed up with the amount of repairs required on property in the end gave up and moved I did not want to but I’ll health left with no choice felt we where ignored and now a month on still waiting for my deposit back after painting and deep cleaning the house they don’t care.

    James Elder, Tenant

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