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Address Properties Liverpool

183 - 185 Rose Lane, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 5EA

About Address Properties Liverpool

Address Properties Liverpool

Address properties Liverpool are not just another mediocre estate agency. Its creators have all worked throughout all areas of the market; their expert knowledge paired with first-hand experience led them to see a niche area in estate agencies, which was not being fulfilled. It was the shortcomings of the other agencies and their own morals and values from which their evolving brand was born.

We believe customer service is key, it is the single most common complaint we hear about other agencies and something we hope to supersede. At address properties we hope to break boundaries, exceed expectation and actually deliver to our customers exactly what we promise.

Our concept combines traditional values with the most modern technology to provide exceptional and innovative service. Everyone is welcome at Address Properties and our eclectic, homely office was created to make you feel at ease to browse, enjoy a coffee or cake and get the advice and assistance you require.
We are one of the only estate agencies to offer all of our services “in-house” including our very own building and maintenance team.

Build Maintenance, works in partnership with Address Properties improving properties and maintaining perfection. Our team of experts are available anytime to fulfil the varying and extensive needs of our homeowners and landlords.

We Provide;

• A one-call solution to any problem for all trades
• Consistently rapid response times
• The highest quality workmanship

Build Maintenance provides a comprehensive service allowing homeowners and landlords to attain their maintenance needs at a competitive cost with minimal inconvenience.

Another unique selling point is our ability to dramatically reduce the time taken to sell our clients properties; we identify common areas of delay and in doing so properties are sold at a faster pace and at a price you expect. Pairing this with our open and honest policies we hope to ensure that our customers receive unparalleled service coupled with innovation at every step.

Committed to delivering what customers want and setting the precedence for other agents to follow.

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    Absolutely appalling customer service

    Absolutely appalling customer service. We had a hole in our ceiling for 4-6 months and this was an electrical hazard due to their being a leak near exposed wires. The maintenance team advised us the toilet was never actually properly attached and this is why it kept detaching and leaking. They wrongly informed us the landlord wanted nothing to do with us after they refused to deal with our requests regarding new mattresses because the others had holes in, to which the landlords reached out themselves and said they would have loved to have known us before and address had also filled them with empty promises. Our most recent issue was address trying to deduct the majority of our full deposit based on an inventory from 2018 and when this was questioned, they told us they weren’t actually responsible for our deposit return in the first place. If you are a student tenant please avoid at all costs.


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    you don’t use a fridge, enjoy damp walls and like living with mice then 5 stars!!

    If you don’t use a fridge, enjoy damp walls and like living with mice then 5 stars!!

    Upon moving in our fridge was completely broken – it remained broken for 7 WEEKS! As students we were passed from one person to the next and given various excuses as to why it was taking so long.
    Apparently the owner of the house (not address properties) wanted to use his own maintenance man. However the maintenance man was patronising and fobbed us off, telling us our fridge was fixed when it clearly wasn’t. After more than 5 occasions, 7 weeks and installing a new lightbulb in a fridge that wouldn’t get cold (not a lightbulb moment) we were bought a new fridge. The landlord didn’t pay for our old fridge to be collected either. Not sure why it took so many emails for address properties to believe us that our fridge actually was broken.

    Nothing was done about the mouse problem or the damp problem the entire time we lived there. On top of this they attempted to charge us for damage that they had taken photos of before we moved into the property.

    Just a warning to other student. Very frustrating company to have to deal with and that something so simple caused so much unnecessary stress.

    Victoria Rudd

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    Extremely poor service

    Extremely poor service. Left me without electric and no heating with no interest in fixing. The worst maintenance team I’ve ever come across. Extremely frustrating to deal with.


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